Volunteering and Internship opportunities at Kew

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About volunteering at Kew

Volunteer and internship roles at Kew support a range of activities and projects taking place at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst by assisting staff in their work. There are currently over 600 people taking part in Kew’s volunteer and internship programme and generously donating a day or half-day per week of their time and talent.

Recruitment is carried out when a number of placements become available – there is no set recruitment period during the year. We aim to provide the right placement for each volunteer and opportunities for a diverse range of people. We do not recruit on a first come first served basis. During recruitment periods, application forms held on file are considered and the most suitable applicants for a particular role are invited for an informal chat. During this session we explain more about the volunteering opportunities available and find out about why applicants want to volunteer.